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Edge CAM:
The latest generation CAM software from Pathtrace, EdgeCAM 10, provides full machine simulation capability, extending the already comprehensive verification and visualisation tools. Complete machine tools may be accurately modelled and their movement shown throughout the machining process.

EdgeCAM is a complete CAM software solution for milling, turning, mill/turn, advanced freeform machining and solid modeling for both production machining and mold and die applications. Pathtrace believes that the key to successful manufacturing lies in the effective use of innovative technology to help businesses increase productivity and gain a rapid return on investment.

CADian 2006 is the intelligent choice for Engineers, Architects, Designers virtually any professional who creates or uses CAD drawings.

IronCAD is pleased to announce the latest release of the industries fastest and easiest to use 3D design solutions IronCAD and Inovate. Many customer driven feature enhancements have been implemented in this latest version including these key items:

  • Draft Feature (Neutral Plane, Parting Line, and Step Parting Line)
  • Face-Face and Full Round Blend Options
  • Split Face Command by Projection, Silhouette, and By Part
  • New 3D Curve Creation using the TriBall
  • Patch Surface Creation from 1 or More Close Edges
  • Configuration Based Bill of Material Support
  • Custom Non-circular Detail View Creation Capabilities
  • Perspective View Creation for Illustration
  • Support for a Catia V5 Read/Write Translator
  • Hide Selected/Unselected for Large Assembly Interaction
  • Mechanism Mode for Bi-Directional Solving and Drag by Ray
  • New 3D Positioning Constraints like Tangent, CAM, Fixed

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